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Infinity Rings
Wednesday, July 27, 2011; Comments

Lately I have been seeking solace from online shopping. Blogshops, blog reviews and everything. Even the ones from Facebook. I was so crazy even up to the extent of exchanging blog links with Winnie to get the best bargains from clothes to accessories and even STICKERS. Anyway, back to the topic, since I have been on an online shopping spree, I couldn't help it to notice small trinkets that caught my eyes. Yes, the Infinity Rings. No, I'm not getting married yet. Oh Amy is! Haha! Okay... so I went on and research about it. Infinity Rings or also known as Eternity Rings are more commonly known as wedding bands. But of course, there are people who bought it for other reasons that wanted the special symbolism of Eternity. But before showing some of the rings, do let me give you all a brief knowledge on it okay?? Lol... 

Personally, Infinity Rings symbolizes everlasting or things that last forever. Actually I didn't know there are so other meanings behind these lovely bands adorning the 4th finger of your hand. 

Infinity Rings' shapes actually meant continuity. Whereby the lovers' relationship will continue and last and there would be no end to it. Further, with the diamonds surrounding every angle of the rings, it gives an additional meaning to it. Diamonds are undying love and devotion, loyalty, fidelity, eternal friendship, unwavering partnership and commitment. They can also represent the future, promising a life of togetherness and closeness. Diamonds on eternity rings represent all of these meanings in an eternal circle, essentially magnifying their meanings, continually encompassing the finger in a never-ending circle of lasting beauty. Very romantic isn't it? 

This would be the classic Infinity Ring. The diamonds are placed in such a way that at every angle they would be seen. Some would even choose not to alter it for the correct sizes as they felt that it would lose its meaning. 

This is the half Infinity Ring. This is much more practical and affordable. You could also made it to fit as compared to the classic ones.

This is another type of Infinity Rings with the infinity symbol onto it. This is by Tiffany. Much simpler and I guess better for couples or maybe for other occasions. And now, for my choice of ring!

This ring caught my eyes instantly when I googled for Infinity Rings. This is again, from Tiffany. I mean which girl on Earth wouldn't want to own a Tiffany? That sweet Tiffany Blue colored box with a ribbon on top is definitely the right way to win a girl's heart (Ok, Mine)... Doesn't hurt to dream! It is indeed elegant & exquisite. 

Well, of course, if I have already caught your attention and is craving for one and yet don't have the budget? Afraid not! I found one blogshop that does it too! Glam Tags
The one they made are very similar to the first Tiffany I showed and they cost about RM250. Much cheaper than a Tiffany. So what are you waiting for? Grab an Infinity Ring!

This is not an advertorial. Just sharing :) 

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